We're not in the business of selling fear.

We are not going to try to scare you into buying yet another security product so let's talk about who this product is actually for.

Our product identifies unsafe content, such as malware, phishing and ransomware, as well as images/language that do not belong in a reputable commercial product (such as violence, nudity and expletives). Our customers are companies that make digital products that take in user-generated content and must be sure such content is safe before making it accessible to others.

For example, a classroom application that takes in homework assignments from students, a social media platform that allows users to upload photos, or a video game that allows users to upload their own levels.

The hard facts on unsafe content

  1. Unsafe content continues to be rare in the wild. Truth is, malicious, or otherwise unsafe content, represents a small fraction of all the content we analyze.
  2. Deciding what is unsafe can be subjective. Specially around images or language, deciding what is not socially acceptable depends on social and cultural norms.
  3. No tool is going to identify 100% of your unsafe content. Malicious actors are constantly evolving their techniques to bypass detection while the good actors work tirelessly to catch up. If you push too hard towards 100% detection, you will have a high false positive rate.
  4. Data matters. By aggregating data across a large pool of users we can utilize that information to identify patterns and react faster than a legacy on-premise system.
Number of files analyzed daily
2 Million
API calls daily
5 Million
Global regions

How we protect your data

So you have decided to use our product but are concerned over sending us your user generated content for analysis. Let's talk about how we protect your content.

You retain jurisdictional control of your files
With points of presence in 5 different countries/regions you can control where your files are analyzed retaining full legal protection.
Everything is encrypted at rest and in transit
Our API is TLS 1.3 and 1.2 only and all persistent storage is encrypted at rest using AES-256.
Only the best in terms of physical security
We utilize state of the art datacenters from Amazon Web Services in multiple regions utilizing the latest in physical and logical security. You can find out more about it here.
We never keep or use your files
Your files are only in our servers for the amount of time it takes to analyze them (usually milliseconds) and are never used for any other purpose.
A decade of experience
We understand that holding on to customer data, even if for a split second, comes with a lot of responsibility and it could make or break our company. That’s why, since 2007, we have been investing in people and technology to earn your business and provide the best quality content identification service.
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