Simple unsafe content identification API

You send us your user generated content and we'll tell you if it's safe. 🙌

One integration, multiple levels of protection
With a single API integration you can protect your users against unsafe files/malware as well as inappropriate images and language.
Ergonomic SDK clients
With SDK clients in multiple languages, we make integrating Scanii take hours not days.
One click Amazon S3 Integration
With 1-click deploy to Amazon S3, you can start protecting your application today and without code changes.
Push security to the edge
With our client-side content arbitration you can detect unsafe content before it reaches your servers.
Benchmark identification rates
With redundant malware engines and AI assisted detection, you can trust that unsafe content will be properly labeled.
Achieve regulatory compliance
With 5 global points of presence (United States, Ireland, United Kingdom, Australia and Singapore) as well as a strong security posture, your data will never traverse jurisdictions.

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